Episode Choose Your Story Cheats and Free Passes

Would you like to spend your free-time playing a game that will take you deep inside wonderful stories? If this sounds interesting, then you should play Episode: Choose Your Story game. It's a charming game that can be enjoyed by several gamers as each and everyone will find something captivating to read and play.

It's a one of a kind game because the goal is not to win or lose anything in the game. Each story is composed of several choices, which should be made wisely, or you can just use Episode Hack. This choice will have path-breaking effects on the story. So,you can change the entire story with a single decision that you make. One thing is certain, when you start playing Episode game you will definitely get hooked to it!

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The Episode game has a large collection of different stories, which can be enjoyed on IOS as well as Android platforms. You will find many stories that consist of different genres such as romance, action, adventure,etc. in the game. Each story has a number of episodes, which can be unlocked in a gradual way.

In each episode, you will be faced with some choices that you need to make in order to process further in the story. These options can be simple ones like dressing up for a party or more complicated ones like choosing a guy for a date. You need to make these decisions carefully as a single bad choice can alterate the entire storyline.Plenty of in-game currencies will be needed in order to unlock these episodes, which are discussed below in detail.

How to Get Free Passes on Episode

Gems: The primary currency that is required for purchasing different items in the game like gaming character’s outfits for example or in the process of crucial decision making, are gems.To earn Gems, you need to do your best in the game.Also you can earn the daily bonus in the form of Gems by logging every day. Most players acquire Gems with real money but if you don't want to spend money on Gems then you could use Episode Hack.

Passes: There are countless stories available in Episode game and each one consists of several episodes or chapters.Nevertheless, only the first few episodes of each story are unlocked and can be read.To continue reading the story you need to unlock the rest of the episodes by spending Passes. So, in order to progress with the story you should obtaine Passes. Consequently, earning Passes becomes an important mission in the game.

You can earn Passes as rewards if you login to the game every two hours.The gaming developers hold a number of competitions. You can participate and have a chance to win Passes. Also, social media networks play a very important role in the game. If you invite new friends to play Episode game, and they accept your invitation you will earn Passes. By synchronizing your gaming account with Facebook you can earn a one-time reward.

With various quests accomplished in the game, you can earn Passes. Many gamers buy Passes with real money because they don't want to waste their time in acquiring them by using traditional methods. Nonetheless, a easy alternative is to use Episode cheats to acquire unlimited Passes.

Engaging Style Of Writing:

Every story available in the game is in the form of a short dialogue format. This feature of the Episode game makes it easier to engage with the current generation as the writing style is similar to most popular chatting apps like Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. These days, the young generation spends most of its free time chatting on these apps. That is why playing a game that is similar to their routine tasks gained Episode game a lot of popularity. The game can be played by players older than 13. Young adults can easily imagine themselves inside most of the stories that are published in the game as it focuses attention on their issues as well as lifestyle. So, Episode: Choose Your Story game is gaining lot of popularity among the present smartphone gamers.

Fascinating Features:

Some of the compelling aspects of the game that make it popular worldwide are that the majority of the stories are interactive and will encourage you to think as well as evolve. You can play various genre of stories each day with outcomes that will depend completely on the path you choose to take. The character in each story can be customized however you want. You can modify its skin color, hair, face, etc. and transforme it exactly the way you want your story avatar to look.

All things considered , Episode game has the potential to keep you busy for a long time. As new narratives are added each day, you'll have many opportunities to pick a story of your choice.All you have to do now is start playing and try using the Episode Choose Your Story Hack now and enjoy!

You can download this game from Google Play or App Store. Have Fun!